Venice: Infinitely Avant Garde

Saturday, October 15, 2022 | 1:00PM

A tour of the magical city, Venice: Infinitely Avant Garde showcases masterpieces by Tiepolo, Rosalba Carriera and the intellectuals who fell in love with Venice: from Canova to Goethe, Lord Byron to Walter Scott, down to the great Hollywood stars drawn to its yearly film festival.


Sixteen hundred years after its legendary foundation, Venice continues to be unique: for its urban environment, made of stone, earth and water, and for its history, that has entered into the realm of legend.


But above all, Venice is unique for its identity, which combines contrasting DNA blueprints: the charm of decadence and the excitement of being on the cutting edge.


This cinematic production runs approximately one hour, 30 minutes.


Part of the Stage on Screen Series which is generously sponsored by Dr. James & Marcia Merrins.



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Adults, Students