Chautauqua County History: The Chautauqua County Poor House

Thursday, October 13, 2022 | 7:00PM

Chautauqua County Historian Michelle Henry provides a close look at the Dewittville farm that served for decades as the County’s “poor house.”  it was the final port of call for those who lived bad or luckless lives, lost their property or violated the laws of morality, and thus were called upon to pay the price.


The “alms house” became home to the poor, the insane, the bastard child, the unwed mother, the orphan boy and girl, some temporarily, but many for the rest of their lives.  Recent discoveries of buried remains from the now long-gone facility have brought renewed interest in this place that served as a haven and fortress for those in need.


Admission is free, although donations are accepted.