Victorian Mourning Practices

Aug 16 2018 - 7:00pm

FREE Admission
Chautauqua County History Lecture Series 

Silver Creek Historian Jamie Rocque will talk about some of the common mourning practices of the Victorian era - many of which we find unusual or disconcerting today - in this multimedia presentation that is part of the Chautauqua County History Lecture Series. 

Rocque's talk will also convey information on England's Queen Victoria and changes in her demeanor, dress and manner of presenting herself following the death in 1861 of her husband, Prince Albert.  Her actions influenced the fashion of the time and initiated some of the mourning customs that have lived on today.

Roque as Civil War living historianRocque as Civil War living historianRocque holds a B.S. in Art and History.  She has been an avid Civil War living historian for 12 years and has included her family in the hobby as well.  She currently is employed by Lincare Inc. as a sales representative.

Admission is FREE, although donations will be gratefully accepted.