CINEMA SERIES - A Dog's Way Home

Mar 23 2019 - 7:30pm A Dog's Way HomeA Dog's Way Home

As a puppy, Bella finds her way into the arms of Lucas, a young man who gives her a good home and whom she comes to adore. When Bella becomes separated from Lucas, she soon finds herself on an epic 400-mile journey to reunite with her beloved owner. Along the way, the lost but spirited dog touches the lives of an orphaned mountain lion, a down-on-his-luck veteran and some friendly strangers who happen to cross her path.

“This family-friendly adventure follows a tried-and-true but heartwarming path.” - Variety.

“A DOG’S WAY HOME manages to serve up a one-to-two - hankie finale, depending on the extent of your dog-person-ness.” - New York Times.

“With her sweet face, alert eyes, and a tail that forever waves in the air like a maestro’s baton, this is a dog worth following, no matter the breed.” - Observer.

Rated PG for thematic elements, some peril and language, 96 mins.